Mantras on simplicity

This’ll only take a minute…

  1. Why liaise with people if you can talk with them?
  2. Why execute a task if you can do it?
  3. Why execute a program if you can run it?
  4. Why optimize a process if you can improve it?
  5. Why utilize a tool if you can use it?
  6. Why masticate your food if you can chew it?
  7. Why expectorate if you can spit (but only if you really must)?
  8. Why configure something if you can set it up?
  9. Why say you were unable to do something if you couldn’t?
  10. Why initialise a project if you can start it?



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The grumpy old UX writer

Welcome. I’m an older guy working in tech, so please forgive my grumpiness 😒 I’ve worked as a UX writer for 12 years and will likely be doing it when I retire.